Automatic Time Tracking Amazing Reports

Working remotely has never been more efficient and comfortable.


Automatic Time Tracking

Working remotely has never been more efficient and comfortable.

Automatic Time Tracking

FlexyTime start working as you turn on your computer, automatically tracking all the programs sites and their usage time. You can import your meeting schedule from your Outlook calendar or you can manually enter meetings too.

Amazing reports

With its simple and powerful reporting interface, you can determine how much time you spend on productive and inefficient programs . You can see individual reports as well as track the average productivity of your team.

Calculate the cost of time

Enter the hourly / monthly wages of your team into the system and see your reports not only in hours spent but also spent times moneytary value. So you can see the cost of your meetings and unproductive times for your entire team.

User friendly interface

You can quickly install the Flexy Time application and see the results immediately. Access the features you want with ease thanks to its user-friendly interface

Filter applications

You can dynamically label the applications that your team and yourself are working on as efficient and inefficient. It is very easy to categorize new applications in FlexyTime. We have thousands of websites and applications already categorized for you

Target Productivity Level

You can quickly create your productivity goals and see results immediately. Access the menus you want with ease thanks to its user-friendly interface.

Excel Integration

You can get all your reports in Excel format and create different reports according to your needs.

Outlook Integration

FlexyTime immediately integrates with your Outlook calendar and automatically calculates the time spent in the meetings. You can also enter a meeting manually if you wish.

Calculate Productivity Scores

See and compare graphically how your productivity changes daily, weekly and monthly. Focus better with FlexyTime.

Customer Service

Our phonomonel customer service is ready whenever you need them. You can reach us via e-mail, ticket and support system.

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Wherever you take your computer is your office now

Work remotely from anywhere with FlexyTime. Start working at the location you want, and FlexyTime will track your productivity and working hours automatically. Both you and your managers can easily see how your day goes with one click.

Join thousands of our customers who measure time and work efficiently!

Manage Your Company’s Time

See which apps and websites are most used for work, leisure, and meetings

Web and App Tracking History

Have a detailed report about your team’s favorite websites and apps

Productivity Trend Reports

Easily monitor your team’s progress and well-being with our analytics software.