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Employee time tracking and wellbeing solution for remote and on-site teams

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Automatic Time Tracking

Working remotely has never been more efficient and comfortable.

Automatic Time Tracking

FlexyTime start working as you turn on your computer, automatically tracking all the programs sites and their usage time. You can import your meeting schedule from your Outlook calendar or you can manually enter meetings too.

Amazing reports

With its simple and powerful reporting interface, you can determine how much time you spend on productive and inefficient programs . You can see individual reports as well as track the average productivity of your team.

Calculate the cost of time

Enter the hourly / monthly wages of your team into the system and see your reports not only in hours spent but also spent times moneytary value. So you can see the cost of your meetings and unproductive times for your entire team.

User friendly interface

You can quickly install the Flexy Time application and see the results immediately. Access the features you want with ease thanks to its user-friendly interface

Work productively: in the office or at home

Easily track how much time you spend on which apps and websites with FlexyTime. Increase your and your team’s productivity immediately with powerful reporting and simple use.


Easy setup

Install FlexyTime on your computer and start automatic time tracking


A smart way of working with teams

Track your team’s productivity daily and observe productivity growth over time.


Track all apps and web sites

Keep track of all the websites and apps you use, see how much time you spend on each. Reshape your habits


Time is Gold

All meetings are automatically imported with Outlook integration. Track how much time you spend in meetings individually and as a team.

What do our customers think?

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“My team was lagging behind project timing and we had to work overtime all the time. With FlexyTime, we detected applications that devour our time. Our productivity has increased by at least 30%. No more overtime! ”
Digibus Founder
“As a freelancer, I provide digital marketing services and consultancy. During projects, I found myself looking at social media or news. With FlexyTime I saw how much time I wasted , I took precautions accordingly. Now I do at least one more project every week.”
Burak-Bilgin (1)
Burak Bilgin
Digital Marketing Specialist
“I no longer have to check my employees' attendance with Personnel Attendance Control System. With FlexyTime, I can see at a glance what time the work actually started, and I can see all the organizational efficiency with a single click. What more does a business owner want?”

İsmail EREN
İSDO Software Company