Time Tracking and Productivity with FlexyTime. Our Manifesto – A More Humane Perspective

The typical white-collar works only 2 hours 53 minutes per day. That is one big cold number.

We know the culprits, but how to act on them? First, you need to be constantly aware. That is what FlexyTime stands for: It exists to create awareness. FlexyTime achieves this by its state-of-the-art automatic time tracking and wellbeing modules for your business.

Studies show time tracking can increase companies’ productivity up to 30%. Imagine what you can do with that, 30% more sales, more hiring, more achieved tasks, basically more of everything. Being aware of time drainers and kicking them out of our lives is priceless, especially considering how much we are short on time.

What about employee wellbeing?

The popular time trackers are mostly surveillance tools they are bosswares. They give no emphasis on employee wellbeing. That fact popped these questions into our mind:

  • Are we aware of how our teammates are doing?
  • Is anyone burning out because of excessive work?
  • Are there some night owls on the team?
  • Is the team way too distracted because of meetings or other interruptions?

We decided that FlexyTime should be a helpful productivity tool and guide managers about your team’s well-being insights. That is why we developed the FlexyTime wellbeing module. With its several alarms, you can decrease your team’s attrition rate.

Let FlexyTime help you. We are the smartwatch for your business. Don’t let your team join the big resignation trend ?

Future of Work

Covid 19 is about to end, but remote and hybrid work is to stay. Let’s admit that people don’t like to commute and want the freedom to work from anywhere and anytime. Your company really needs a modern punchcard that works everywhere. Your team can use any place as an office and work with FlexyTime. Because FlexyTime measures all the vital productivity and work start/end times. So you can be sure everyone is on track.

Time Tracking App
Remote and hybrid work is the future. Ensure well-being and do your time tracking with FlexyTime

Besides, now you can move to a smaller office and pay less for rent?. Your ex-overhead costs are now a budget to make your team happier. Show them some love ?

A time tracking app that respects privacy?

Our motto is about that one word: respect. No one likes to be peeked on ?. FlexyTime feels the same way.

We know that productivity is about choosing what to focus on but also what to ignore and let go of. So let’s go over the things which we are not interested in at all.

FlexyTime does NOT take screenshots

Remember the thousands of screenshots you took on your phone? Have you curated them ?? Did it help you with anything? Don’t worry, we did the same things. That’s why FlexyTime just doesn’t take screenshots; it makes your team unhappy and does not improve productivity at all.

FlexyTime does NOT take webcam shots

Hands down, you and your team are beautiful, we admit. We would love to have a selfie with you. But think this through: is taking employees’ photos when they are not smiling any good photography? We also believe these kinds of shady practices are not ethical ?

FlexyTime does NOT record what you write

We really don’t care about your grocery list or what you chat with your significant one. We already know you two are meant for each other ❤ and please don’t forget to buy the milk (not the chips ?)

FlexyTime does NOT report the whole URL of visited websites

FlexyTime lets team supervisors see only visited domain names by their team members. No one should be interested in which articles you read or which videos you watched. We encrypt those activities, and only you can see the long URLs of the sites you visited.

If a domain is good for work activity, do more of it. If it is not a good place for productivity, just drop it and don’t kill your time there. Get things done, don’t lose focus. Simple as that.

FlexyTime is the smart way of working. It creates awareness, lets you work from anywhere, increases productivity, and respects your privacy.

That is who we are. What about you? We are eager to meet you. Let’s make a zoom call or meet in person.


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